hi bumdy

Aaa ok you don’t want to talk

 Come on bundy talk were you was last Monday

I was in my house

  No bundy I know you at that day you was in a bar with a girl with similar aspects of your ex girlfriend and I know that you kill her with a hammer what you can say Nothing   I think that you will say that lets go to the judge

how you can proob that stupid guy (bundy spit to the police man)

wow I think that you have to clean your ears bundy, I just said all my evidence

(bundy moving the head side to side saying no)

(bundy dont want to talk and the police exploded and said to bundy)

you know something , bundy you will die, let go to the judge.

Ted Bundy you are sentenced to the dead . Beacuse you kill more than 40 womans and then rape them!!!!!!!!!!!





last night I go to a a party , I was so starving of a cup of blod so red and so mmmmmm! Ok I am walking around the party and there was a beauty full girl and I go to her I seduse her and wen I was ready to eat all her blod but I feel so good with him after that night she said to me that she “do you want to be my boy fried ” I said to her that I can’t be with him because I have a really big problem I can’t be with a human because I am a vampire

after that day I never see her again

vampire diary

last night i went to a date with a mortal english girl . i joined up with her in a bar .

i see her she was beautiful she was blond tall like 1.75 blue eyes she was beautiful and i go to her and i bit het neck and i suck all he red blond then i go to to another plase of the bar and i was so hungry i haven’t eat in days . i go to tow persons that were dancing and i ate all their blond then i transform to a vat and i go flying



Artemis a was the goddess of chastity virginity the hunt the moon and the natural environment She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto . She was born on the island of Ortygia .   artemis has the cuality that has ever forever she will be virgin and young also she is so prety .  she is normally represented hunting , surrounded by animals


our first blogging

p. 94 los pinos reñaca

Hi Jim

I want to tell you what i am doing in school . i so boring and i want to go home every day and every hour to home, but i am good the teachers are good with me and also with my friends and i play and talk with they . but i don’t have you and i am so boring i don’t have no body to go cycling over the city or to go jumping but the only thing that i can tell is that I miss you and i want to see you again you also can to respond to me I’m steel living at the same street and house . wen you came to viña you have to visit me

your good friend said to you good bye 🙂


mr lucho